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X10 PMS03 Wireless Motion Sensor




Turns on lights when motion is detected.


The Eagle Eye Motion Sensor will activate any X10 house and unit code when it senses motion. Set the sensor to a unique code (Housecode A and Unit Code 1), then walk into the room where the sensor is located, and a lamp plugged into a lamp module set to "A1" will turn on. As long as there is movement, the light will stay on, and when movement stops, the light will turn off after the pre-selected amount of time passes. The sensor can also be used with the PC Home Control Connection Module. Instead of turning on a module set to A1, you can set A1 to initiate a macro that performs a sequence of events. For example, you enter the room; and instantly, the table lamp turns on then dims to 70%, and the stereo automatically turns off 30 minutes later. Built in photocell will turn lights on and off at dusk and sunrise. This saves energy as it only detects motion in the dark. Motion Sensor is 2.5 x 2.5 inches.


Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). Requires at least one X10 RF Receiver (not included).


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