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COIL UK Raylite 3 LED Stand Magnifier


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Magnifies and lights objects being viewed. Perfect for reading tasks where the user may want to examine the item being magnified in more detail for longer periods of time, and for situations where dexterity, coordination and lack of hand steadiness may prevent the use of a handheld magnifier.

This exclusive line of COIL UK Raylite Stand Magnifiers is custom-manufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest precision standards using the finest quality materials.

COIL UK Raylite Series 3 LED Illuminated Stand Magnifiers rest on top of the material being viewed, making them appropriate for longer reading tasks. Their aspheric lenses are designed to be free of significant distortion, have an abrasion resistant coating and are index-matched to improve light transmission. Illumination is supplied by a built-in maintenance-free single LED for extended battery life.

Interchangeable magnifier heads are helpful should a lens break or if the user's vision requires a stronger lens in the future, as well as for vision testing purposes by eye-care professionals. Quick release cap for easy battery compartment access. Uses two C batteries (not included).

- Lens Type: Aspheric
- Lens Dimensions: 1.50 in. (38.0mm) diameter


Available in various models with respect to power, magnification and lens sizes.


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COIL UK Raylite 3 LED Stand Magnifier

COIL UK Raylite 3 LED Stand Magnifier
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