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Mobile Axis Infinity

Mobile Axis Infinity

Vendor: Sheldon Laboratory Systems

Short Description: Our Axis Infinity series is the most versatile line of science laboratory tables on the market. The Mobile Axis Infinity Table makes it easy to adapt any classroom layout to the changing needs of today’s education. The Mobile Axis features the height-adjustable tops that are controlled by remote to convert from lecture to lab settings quickly and quietly. The addition of heavy-duty casters make the entire unit easily moveable. Add a 5-gallon refillable water reservoir and flexible electric options, and the Mobile Axis is the ultimate in flexible and safe student workstations. To learn more, call 1-800-531-7604 or visit our website. Mobile Axis Infinity Benefits: - True four-student capacity with unique Axis® top - 30″ to 36″ adjustable height - Mobile unit on easily adjustable leveling casters - Epoxy resin top and sink wtih lipped edge to contain spills - Exclusive unicast® vandal resistant fixtures - 2-gallon stainless steel removable basin - Self-contained 5-gallon reservoir with level indicator lights - Lock-out controls for water and lift features

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